We are an equal opportunity employer and have inherited great corporate culture, core values and remarkable successes from Taikang Insurance Group.

             We are the first overseas subsidiary of Taikang Asset, aiming to build an internationalized platform for the enterprise.  There are tremendous opportunities for emerging talents, experienced professional and managers who are team players/leaders, driven by integrity and achievements via prudence and efficiency approach to achieve:
  • sharing by way of effective contribution and performance
  • progression and growth by way of consistency
  • long term investment and stability
  • innovation for opportunity, management and operations
             We are leading the team force to walk the Company’s Values and Core Development Strategy.

             Values :  Integrity, Steadiness, Innovation, Sharing

             Development Strategy : Professionalization, Standardization, Internationalization 

             In return, we are rewarding you with a market-competitive package of pay and benefits to support your professional and personal needs.

  • Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited
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