The Company

Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited (referred as "Taikang Asset (Hong Kong)" or "the Company"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Taikang Asset Management Co., Ltd. (referred as "Taikang Asset"), was established in November 2007. The current registered capital is HKD300 million. Taikang Asset (Hong Kong) has been licensed by the Securities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong for Type 1 - Dealing in Securities, Type 4 - Advising on Securities and Type 9 - Asset Management activities, and obtained the QFII and RQFII qualification. Taikang Asset (Hong Kong) inherits parent company's investment philosophy "Research Drives Forward Investment, Professionalism Creates Values". Both companies share the resources of research and investment. Taikang Asset (Hong Kong) is responsible for Taikang Asset's overseas investment management businesses and forms an important international asset allocation channel for Taikang Assets and serving overseas customers. With extensive collaboration, expertise and competitive advantages leveraging with its parent company and Taikang Insurance Group's of companies in asset management, investment and research areas. In Hong Kong, Taikang Asset (Hong Kong) is a strategic platform for internationalization. The workforce has dynamic background from international and Chinese asset managements, investment banks, financial industry and possesses professional qualification in FRM, CFA, CPA.
  • Taikang Asset Management (Hong Kong) Company Limited
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